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Case Studies

This startup company had a unique idea for a service – gold-backed digital currency.  Anybody, anywhere in the world would be able to transfer funds to anybody else via the Internet using gold-backed currency.  


The idea was great, but they needed...

Gold-Backed Digital Currency Company

Chinese Giftware Manufacturer

Specialized Software House

A software house was selling to an industry that was losing U.S. market share to foreign competition (paper industry).  


They were selling against four major players in a very cut throat environment, and they were losing customers and losing sales.n.

One of the world’s largest polyresin giftware manufacturers, based in China,  had a desire to expand in the U.S. but had no idea how to reach the retail market, especially the larger retailers.


We took on the position of Chief Marketing Officer and Chief E-Commerce Officer and developed a plan to

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